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Cadence Announces Customized Assemblies

The Cadence Company | Handmade Men's Beaded Bracelets | Sterling Silver Jewelry | Men's Leather Bracelets | Custom Made BraceletsSince our launch 2 years ago, we've received numerous requests for customized compositions.  Cadence has always had bespoke fit as an option, but not full customization.  Bespoke, for those unaware simply means "made for a particular customer or user".  Since our compositions are made-to-order, this process inherently established a bespoke offering. However, the ability to select specific beads and other components in the design was not widely available... until now.

The Cadence Company introduces the Cadence Customization Program.  This program allows customers to select components that are used in the final assembly.  Paired with a Design Specialist that will provide recommendations on a look and style that best suits you, the program is designed to ensure you have a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that exceeds your expectations and truly reflects you, both inside and out.

To help start, the Cadence Customization Program allows the customer to choose any of the handmade men's beaded bracelets from the ChordStar, ClefStar, ClubStar lines as a base, and then modify from there.

To learn more, visit our Customization page here.

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