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The ChordStar line is the introduction to the Cadence collection. The line features premium grade natural stones, hand selected to adequately capture nature’s nobility. Each composition is hand-crafted to ensure a unique, characteristic appearance. This process results in distinct variations that are truly one-of-a-kind and tailor made for an organic fit.

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The Clefstar line further cultivates the collection with a bead crafted from a solid block of Sterling Silver. The bead features both Cadence and ClefStar brand designations meticulously engraved and treated for lifetime resilience.Complimenting this bead is the distinguishing and standard ClefStar Belgard, a bead of contrasting, yet complimenting composition located immediately to the right of the Sterling bead.

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The ClubStar line represents the pinnacle of the Cadence collection. In concert with the premium stones and Sterling Cadence bead are three Sterling Silver round beads - The Trine - exceptional in design and precisely detailed to amplify the entire assembly. The three identical beads are carefully scrutinized for minimal ornamentation resulting in maximum masculine appeal. Each are crafted from a single block of silver bullion. This as well as the stone densities, creates a robust wrist presence.


The Cadence case is as unique as its contents. It features a clamshell design with a low-profile lid and high-wall base. The inside features an upholstered pillow under the lid and premium velvet insert to support the wrist-wear. The Cadence branding is reflected both inside and out for wristwear and case uniformity.

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