The Lines


The ChordStar line is the introduction to the Cadence collection. The line features premium grade natural stones, hand selected to adequately capture nature’s nobility. Each composition is hand-crafted to ensure a unique, characteristic appearance. This process results in distinct variations that are truly one-of-a-kind and tailor made for an organic fit.


The ChordStar case features a clamshell design with a black exterior accented with rich, silver-foil borders, and a black interior made of satin and velvet appointments. The case is designed to be as much a part of the experience as the wristwear, complimenting the piece as an attractive protective enclosure. 




The Clefstar line further cultivates the collection with a bead crafted from a solid block of Sterling Silver. The bead features both Cadence and ClefStar brand designations meticulously engraved and treated for lifetime resilience.

Complimenting this bead is the distinguishing and standard ClefStar Belgard, a bead of contrasting, yet complimenting composition located immediately to the right of the Sterling bead.



The Artisan variation features natural and/or molded elements hand formed into beads by artisans from all over the world. Coral, seeds, lacquer, glass and wood components can be found in the Artisan lineup. Consistent with all Cadence products, each bead is carefully selected to ensure it meets or exceeds the Cadence Quality of Craftsmanship specifications.

Each Artisan composition features the ClefStar Sterling and Belgard beads adding character and sophistication to the timeless design. Additionally, the anatomy of these elements are generally lighter than stone, which provides a less substantial total weight without compromising comfort and presence.



The Apogee interpretation of the ClefStar line represents the pinnacle of the line's offering. The beads selected for each composition are premium grade, rare and have origins in some of the most ancient and indigenous regions on earth.

Many of the stones used in the Apogee collection are thought to have properties beyond aesthetics. From promotion of physical well-being to encouragement of spiritual enlightenment, the compositions in the collection are designed to amplify more than the wardrobe, but the wearer's very essence.

A final element to the arrangement are the Belgard and Sterling Silver ClefStar beads, both establishing the premium ClefStar trademark while demonstrating consistency throughout the line.


The ClefStar case is as unique as its contents. It features a clamshell design with a low-profile lid and high-wall base. The inside features an upholstered pillow under the lid and premium velvet insert to support the wrist-wear. The Cadence branding is reflected both inside and out for wristwear and case uniformity.





The ClubStar line represents the pinnacle of the Cadence collection. In concert with the premium stones and Sterling Cadence bead are three Sterling Silver round beads - The Trine - exceptional in design and precisely detailed to amplify the entire assembly. The three identical beads are carefully scrutinized for minimal ornamentation resulting in maximum masculine appeal. Each are crafted from a single block of silver bullion. This as well as the stone densities, creates a robust wrist presence.


The ClubStar case is nothing short of a worthy storage capsule. Its piano-black clamshell exterior is finished in high gloss lacquer creating a remarkable shine. This with the velvet and satin interior creates a spectacular presentation upon revealing its contents.