The Substance

More Than Ornament

Gemstones have an ancient heritage, and have been esteemed for their physical and spiritual appeal since before written record.  Beyond their use for ornament was the application for healing and restoration.  At Cadence, we believe these broader attributes are a substantial contributor to the wearer's overall confidence and wellbeing.

The Stones


A popular ornament used by the ancient Greeks and Romans, Onyx has been regarded as a powerful, protective stone with the ability to guard against the harmful effects of electromagnetic energy on the human body.  It is also widely used for healing common skin ailments including inflammation from sunburn. Onyx is believed to absorb and transform negative energies helping the wearer feel more refreshed and energized.  Further, it has also been used to treat melancholy and depression by calming negative emotions such as fear and doubt, resulting in feelings of confidence, stability and security.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye has been told by the ancient Egyptians to contain the power of both the Sun and the Earth, and was used as a good luck talisman.  The stone is thought to help rebalancing of the body on all levels, encouraging optimism and faith in what the future holds. It has been associated with healing ocular disorders and calming to the nervous system by relieving stress related ailments.  Tiger's Eye is known to aid in slowing the flow of energy through the body resulting in a warming feeling, lifting depression, aiding in personality disorders, and increasing confidence in self-worth.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis has been valued for thousands of years and is known to be found in the ancient deposits in the mountain ranges of Afghanistan, its most famous mining locality.  This stone is known to impart wisdom and knowledge through the awareness of higher truth. Lapis is believed to foster verbal expression and enhancing one's awareness, insight and intellect.  In addition, Lapis has been sought for purification of the immune system and relief from ailments related to blood pressure, common cold symptoms, hearing loss, vertigo and many head/neck discomforts.


Seraphinite is known as the "Stone of Enlightenment", and was named after the Seraphim angels. A powerful healing gemstone in support of complete wellness, Seraphinite has been sought for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Seraphinite has been known for aiding in cellular regeneration allowing for heightened awareness. It is also known for strengthening the blood, improving circulation, releasing muscle tension and eliminating toxins, ultimately aiding to detoxify the liver and kidneys.


Silver is known as the metal of healing and emotional wellbeing, specifically love and the mind. It has been regarded as a type of antibacterial. It is known for as a disinfectant for the body possessing immune boosting attributes. Silver is also believed to be beneficial in treating some infectious diseases, such as hepatitis or the flu, and may help cleanse blood and correct chemical and hormonal imbalances if used properly.