The Belgard™

A distinguishing characteristic of the Cadence brand is the Belgard™ bead.  Inspired by its namesake's meaning, to cast a loving look or gaze, it encourages passion and connection between itself and its wearer. 


The Belgard™ is hand selected to be a contrasting, yet complimenting bead within the wristwear production.  The contrast is reflected in the bead's constitution and/or color with careful attention to preserve the overall integrity of the composition.  The Belgard endures the same level of scrutiny as each bead within the assembly and is not introduced to the composition unless it satisfies the Cadence Quality of Craftsmanship selection criteria.


The Belgard is found exclusively on the ChordStar and ClefStar lines.  As the discerning bead, the Belgard™ has a character of its own, independent of the other beads in the composition.  This character is not dominating or subtle, but lives comfortably in the expanse between the two extremes, encouraging notice, respect, and appreciation.  This charismatic piece serves as a representation and reminder of the owner's distinguishing uniqueness and individuality.


The Belgard™ is purposefully embedded within the ChordStar and ClefStar lines.  For both lines, the Belgard is positioned immediately adjacent to the Cadence bead.  The close proximity of which demonstrates our drive, passion and dedication in serving the owner.

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