Interested in a bespoke composition designed to your specifications?  We a offer a process for custom creating your beaded bracelets.  Review the Cadence Bespoke process below then contact our design team to get started.


There are times when we desire experiences completely unique and tailored to who we are. At Cadence, we recognize the need to have a bespoke experience fit both for purpose and for character.


The Cadence Customization Program offers this attention to detail. The program allows our customers to select the components of each composition, from the premium stones to the distinguishing Belgard. Each piece is hand-crafted into an assembly to meet the exact specifications of the customer.



  • Once a bespoke composition is requested, we start the process by conducting an assessment of expectations and desired outcome. In this part of the process, we seek to understand emotional drivers and inspirations. This will help us understand how you want to feel when the assembly is completed and worn.
  • Next, we inquire about colors desired for placement within the composition. You will have full influence in this area. However, we are happy to assist in providing recommended design elements and color coordinations that best meet both your character and expected results.
  • We then provide a catalog of components we have in our collection, and others we are able to obtain. This includes both commodity components as well as those that are very rare. We work with you to identify components of interest that meet your design and budgetary interests.
  • Following the sensing exercise, we order the components (if necessary) and begin the design process by completing a layout of the assembly based on the information provided by you. We then review the layout with you for approval to proceed to the assembly process.
  • Once the layout is approved, the composition is hand assembled... carefully selecting each component for alignment to your expectations.
  • Lastly, we review the composition with you for final approval. Once approved, the assembly is carefully packaged and shipped so that your experience can begin as soon as possible.