Cultured Wristwear... For The Grown Man

The Cadence Company crafts premium products designed to be bold, rugged, and sophisticated.  Our handmade wristwear lines are composed of rare stones, seeds, and other components, exceptional in quality and grade, and sourced from around the world.  Each composition features an artisan influenced Gunmetal Steel or aged Sterling Silver Cadence bead with the brand insignia inscribed.  Learn more...

The exclusive Belgard, a unique bead within the composition, is designed to be a contrasting, yet complimentary component to the assembly.  Meaning "to give a loving look or gaze", the Belgard encourages a connection between the composition and its wearer, and is a reminder of uniqueness amidst a world of conventional.  Learn more... 

We make more than bracelets.  We make cultured wristwear... for the Grown Man.


The Decorated Line

In times of global civil unrest - where corruption and opposing views have led to riots, insurrection, protests, and loss of life - those public servants who are sincere, authentic and undiscriminating, make unimaginable sacrifices to restore peace to the masses.

Introducing the Decorated line, honoring those in law enforcement, emergency & medical services, and military who work endlessly for the good of humanity, and ALL of it's constituents. Regardless of race, creed, orientation, or religion, they truly live to serve. For this, we salute you.

Featured Models

Introducing some of our newest and most popular models.

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