Why Wear Cadence


Our wristwear is specifically designed to represent a mature and sophisticated understanding with an awareness of social boundaries, and when or how to break them.  Our products are crafted to resonate with those bold enough to challenge convention... and then change it.


For us, "premium" is not a buzzword.  It represents our integrity and the respect we have for the wearer.  Each ClefStar and ClubStar wristwear composition contains a "Cadence Bead" molded from a solid block of 925 silver (implying 92.5% pure silver) and coated in rhodium, another precious metal more valuable than platinum, which secures the finish and prevents tarnishing. Some of our models contain a silver Cadence Bead that undergoes a special oxidation process which foregoes the rhodium coating for a antiquing process which provides a darker color with a vintage feel.  These models are a hat-tip to the those looking for a more classic experience.

The Cadence Bead in the ChordStar line is crafted from a solid block of stainless steel, followed by a unique process to create the "gun-metal" color that has become popular in recent years.



We are relentless with perfection.  Each component, in every composition, is absent of scratches, dents, chips, deforms, and other defects as a result of the Cadence Quality of Craftsmanship quality process.  Further, we work with artisans across the world who hand shape, hand polish, and in some cases, hand carve the components that go into our compositions.  Lastly, the final assembly is completed, again, by hand, reviewed for final inspection, and packaged carefully for safe delivery.  This process is followed for each wristwear composition we create.  If the components or composition does not meet our quality standards, the piece is rejected and the process is started again.


Each composition is crafted using 12mm beads.  This size allows for incredible versatility and flexibility in wardrobe accessorizing.  The piece can be worn independently as a standalone statement, worn with a watch as a compliment, or stacked for a unique expression in color or material.


Our components are selected to last.  Each of our stones has a Mohs hardness rating of 7-8, with 10 being the maximum (10 = diamond).  This means that our stones are difficult to break or scratch, even with a steel file.  These geological characteristics help ensure resilience for many, many years.


At Cadence, we see "one-size-fits-all" as a conventional, mass production supply model meant for mainstream, high volume sales.  We do not follow this convention.  We want to ensure our wristwear products are assembled to meet your personal preference, regardless of a wrist that is 6 inches, 9 inches, or some range in between.  We ensure our bespoke assemblies are accurately measured to your specifications, tailoring the fit to your wrist.  This ensures comfort with no bead gaps.