The journey to create the Cadence brand has been nothing short of amazing and inspirational. We've been fortunate in creating distinguished compositions that are worn by hundreds of the most discerning professionals, artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, and philanthropists across the world. From the UK and France to Canada and America, the acclaim of Cadence has been highly regarded and even featured in GQ magazine.


During the course, Cadence has received considerable interest in collaborating with other like-minded brands that cater to a distinguished customer in much the same way as we do.


To that end, Cadence has launched a Collaboration Program to partner with other brands aligned to inspiring the unconventional.


  • The most important aspect of collaboration is fit. When evaluating a collaboration opportunity, Cadence works with the brand to ensure that the companys' goals, principles, industries, and demographics align. To achieve this, we work with the brand to understand these characteristics to ensure the best alignment. The tighter the brand alignment, the better the collaboration.
  • Once the two brands determine brand fit, we then evaluate the best format to present the collaboration. In most cases, the collaboration is represented through premium wristwear as shown above. If this avenue is taken, we then proceed to design.
  • For design, Cadence will make design recommendations based on the mutually determined feel and aesthetic for the target clientele. Both companies work through design sessions until a design composition that best represents the collaboration is created.
  • Once design is completed, the two brands finalize terms and the custom assembly begins. Cadence believes in exclusivity as a distinguishing hallmark. Thus, all compositions made through collaboration are exclusive to that collaboration for the life of the partnership. This means Cadence will not sell an identical product, either as part of a Cadence lineup or through another collaboration, while the collaboration terms are active.