Cadence Is Now At Hot Sams in Detroit

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The Cadence Company has partnered with Hot Sams Quality Clothes in downtown Detroit to bring the Cadence lineup to the longest running mens fashion store in the city.  At nearly 100 years of operation, Hot Sams is legendary for some of the finest, high quality mens clothing and accessories in the state.  From suits, slacks and dress shirts, to cuff links, pocket squares, and fedoras, Hot Sams is regarded as a pillar of the fashion community by business professionals, entertainers and celebrities.  With Hot Sams soon launching its tailoring service, Cadence's handmade wristwear line was a perfect fit.

Visit the shop online at or in person at the downtown location on 127 Monroe Ave.

Visit to experience our premium wristwear collection of men's beaded and leather bracelets in person, and to shop a true icon in the premium mens wardrobe.


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