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The Belgard

Concerning the ChordStar and ClefStar lines, we often get asked, "What's up with the bead to the right of the Cadence Bead"?  We refer to this bead as the Belgard, and it has two meanings.

First, Belgard means to give a loving look or gaze.  The idea being that as the wearer proceeds through the day casually observes the wristwear on his wrist, he is compelled by the sentiment "Wow, I really like the way this looks on me."

On a deeper level, the Belgard also is a representation of our customer.  It is designed to be a contrasting bead that still compliments the composition.  This bead is unconventional to the others, but still enhances the overall aesthetic of the assembly.  This is much like our customer, who may be unconventional in appearance, character or thought when compared to his peers, yet still brings a unique value that enhances the collective output of the group.

The Belgard has become more than a symbol for our customers.  It has become a statement. Because of this importance, we are making plans to make the Belgard selectable as part of a customization feature when ordering through our website.  This has been a huge request, and we are driven to deliver.

The Belgard is a distinguishing bead in our men's beaded bracelet collection, and can only be found at The Cadence Company.

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