Cadence Is Now At Hot Sams

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The Cadence Company has partnered with Hot Sams Quality Clothes in downtown Detroit to bring the Cadence lineup to the longest running mens fashion store in the city.  At nearly 100 years of operation, Hot Sams is legendary for some of the finest, high quality mens clothing and accessories in the state.  From suits, slacks and dress shirts, to cuff links, pocket squares, and fedoras, Hot Sams is regarded...

The Cadence Company Supports (RED)

The Cadence Company | Supports (RED)

We have kicked off our SAVE 50 / GIVE 50 promotion in support of the (RED)™.  For a limited time, we are offering 50% off of all red wristwear.  The savings will be donated to the Global Fund in the fight to cure AIDS.

(RED) is an organization founded in 2006 to help find a cure for AIDS.  Since its inception, it has donated over $500 million for the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.  You can learn more about (RED) by visiting their...


Like most retailers, we are gearing up for the biggest shopping season of the year. We're launching our Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotions.  The Black Friday promotion will start on 11/24 at midnight and go through 11:59 PM. The Cyber Monday promotion will begin at 11/25 at midnight and last through Cyber Monday.

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The Imperial

The Imperial

It is said that luxury lives in the finer details.  At Cadence, we embed this view in every product we produce.  The Imperial is the exemplification of this sentiment.

Crafted with premium components from start to end.  Including three rich styles of natural stones, Botswana Coffee Agate, Bronzite and Tibetan Dzi beads.  The highlight of the composition are the 24 karat Trine beads and Cadence ClubStar beads.  Molded from Sterling Silver and submerged in a bath of 24 karat gold resulting in a thick layer (3 micron) of pure gold.

Interested in learning more?  The Imperial is available

Rhythm & Cue Party Favors

Rhythm & Cue Party Favors

Check out the party favors we offered to all of the Rhythm & Cue party favors.  Classy keychains in butterscotch, chocolate and ebony, with Cadence logo on the front and our website on the back.  Closer inspection reveals a Cadence bead nested inside the fold of the keychain.  Our way of showing our thanks and appreciate for the support.

The Cadence Company | Rhythm & Cue | Party Favors The Cadence Company | Rhythm & Cue | Party Favors The Cadence Company | Rhythm & Cue | Party Favors The Cadence...</p>

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