Many Thanks

We are wrapping up the test market this weekend.  Thank you to all those who gave feedback and made purchases.  It was very helpful.  We will be using the data to improve our product lineup.


We just kicked off a series called the Unconventional Gentleman on our Facebook page.  

This series will highlight tips, insights, recommendations and trends related to the distinguished style of the rugged and refined man. From grooming to fashion, tattoos to haircuts, wingtips to hikers... we've got it covered!

Tune into our Facebook page to follow the thread and discover more.

And We're Off!

And We're Off!

The Test Launch on 6/3 of our handmade men's beaded bracelets was amazing!  We received tremendous feedback and support.  Thank you to all of those who come out, participated, provided input, and purchased product.  You support is vital for our success!

The test market will continue through the month of June.  Stop into Kola Lounge in Farmington Hills, MI and speak to a Cadence representative or with a Kola staff member.  Come in on Friday and Saturday for special purchase promotions.

Stay up to date by visiting our Facebook page at  Looking forward to seeing you soon!  

Test Market Start Date Set!

Its almost time!  Our Test market is scheduled for June 3.  We are celebrating the kickoff by having a small event a Kola Lounge in Farmington Hills, MI.  For event details, check out our Facebook Events page.  We hope to see you there!

We're Live

Hello and welcome to The Cadence Company.  After much planning and effort, we have launched the Cadence website.  A major milestone for us, and just the beginning of what we have in store.

We will be launching a test market soon in Farmington Hills, MI.  We are determined to create products that meet our customers' expectations for premium, hand-crafted products.  This test market will help us achieve this.

We will also be releasing our social media channels as well as a KickStarter campaign. So stay tuned in here for more information.  We're just getting started.