Featured Bracelets

The Cadence Company crafts premium products designed to be bold, rugged, attractive and masculine.  Our handmade wristwear lines are composed of rare stones, seeds, and other components, exceptional in quality and grade, and sourced from around the world.  Each composition features an artisan influenced Gunmetal Stainless Steel or aged Sterling Silver Cadence bead with the brand insignia inscribed.  Learn more...

The ChordStar and ClefStar lines feature the exclusive Belgard - a bead purposefully positioned to the right of the Cadence bead.  The Belgard is designed to be a contrasting, yet complimentary  component to the assembly.  Meaning "to give a loving look or gaze", the Belgard encourages a connection between the composition and its wearer, and is a reminder of the wearer's uniqueness amidst the conventional masses.  Learn more...

 We make more than bracelets.  We make cultured wristwear... for the Grown Man.


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