Measuring Your Wrist

To ensure proper fit and satisfaction, we ask that you follow one of the procedures below in measuring your wrist size:


  • Download and print the Cadence Wrist Sizer. Before printing, make sure the "page scaling" option is set to "None" in the dialog box of your printer options. The Cadence Wrist Sizer must be printed on full-size standard letter paper. Follow the instructions and make a note of your wrist size.


    • Using a tape measure, wrap the tape measure around the wrist on which you plan to wear the Cadence bracelet.  During the measuring process, place close attention to keep the tape measure as close to your hand as possible.
    • Make a note of the number of the tape measure meets 0.  We recommend adding an addition 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) to ensure a comfortable fit. See image below.
    • When placing your order, select the nearest corresponding size.  If you would like an exact fit, select tight for the the "Fit".  If you want a looser fit, select loose for the "Fit".  Selected loose will add an additional 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) to the total length.