Quality of Craftsmanship

The Cadence Company is committed to excellence.  In this spirit, we strive to ensure that the interaction between you and your product results in an enriching experience.  This is the motive behind every composition we form.  It drives us to establish practices that safeguard against defects that may otherwise compromise that experience.  These processes are ever guarding the integrity of our brand and its customers.

The Quality of Craftsmanship (QC) is the collection of processes and verification steps to confirm build quality and presentation.  As each composition is handmade,  marginal variation and inconsistencies can be expected.  These traits add to the overall uniqueness, exclusivity and character of the overall assembly.  Therefore, it is completely natural to see inclusions or slight variations in color or size. However, the QC assures each composition is hand built-to-order with no chips or scratches on any of the components.  It also guarantees each component meets our internal AAA Grade rating for consideration in composition incorporation.  This ensures each assembly is worthy of the Cadence Warranty and Seal of Authenticity that accompanies each composition.

We realize you have many choices in accessories. And in those choices, we stand out with premium components, made by passionate hands from all over the world...  With a goal to aid in drawing out those strong attributes already inherent in you.  

We don't just make bracelets.  We make wristwear.  And we would be honored to be a part of your wardrobe.