Wristwear Care

Proper care of your wristwear is essential to ensure its beauty and design endures over the years.

For maintenance, we recommend the following practice:

  • NEVER USE CLEANING AIDS such as soap or detergent when cleaning your wristwear.

  • Regularly wipe your wristwear gently with a soft, non-abrasive cloth after wearing.  Microfiber cloths are ideal.  Remove the wristwear and carefully clean each bead.  This will help remove oils and dirt accumulated throughout the day.  We recommend this activity occurs daily.

  • GEMSTONES ONLY - At least once a week, gentle rinse your wristwear under warm water and dry with microfiber cloth.  This could compromise the integrity of the composition.  Do not use this process for non-gemstone pieces (lava rock, coral, wood, horn, etc).  This process should only be used for stone based beads such as tiger eye, onyx, lapis lazuli, etc.  The constitution of these beads may be negatively affected by the cleaning process leading to rapid deterioration.

  • Apply your wristwear as the final addition to your ensemble, after application of any lotions, fragrances, gels or other chemical substances.  Apply these items after putting the wristwear on could lead to composition corrosion.

  • Store your wristwear separately in the accompanying enclosure or other designated area, such as a jewelry pouch or box.  This will avoid scratches and other damage when not in use.