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Average bracelet size for men is 8 inches.

NOTE: Due to stone variation, wristwear may appear different than pictured.

Selecting "Loose" will add approximately 0.5 inches to the size selected.

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Introducing the Carmine, a striking member of our ChordStar line. This captivating bracelet is adorned with 12mm red coral beads, each demonstrating a unique fusion of textures and patterns that resonate with the allure of the deep ocean.

At the core of Carmine's design, you'll discover our exclusive ChordStar Cadence bead. This square bead, crafted from steel and treated with a vacuum process to achieve a sleek gunmetal finish, is a symbolic representation of rhythm and continuity. It not only adds a striking visual contrast to the design but also stands as a tangible embodiment of the Cadence philosophy.

Further enriching this design is the Belgard, masterfully carved from black cinnabar. The Belgard showcases intricate Asian glyphs, adding an Eastern influence and providing a stunning contrast to the bold red hue of the coral beads.

The Carmine bracelet, with its fiery red coral beads, is a testament to ChordStar's commitment to excellence in design and craftsmanship. Every component works in harmony, creating a wearable piece of art that truly stands out.