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Introducing the Alto, a singular expression of the ClefStar range, epitomizing unique sophistication for the modern man. Embrace the unique rhythm of life with this masterfully curated piece.

The Alto, an exquisite leather bracelet, is meticulously crafted. Its band is created from luxurious Python leather, emanating a captivating blue hue. This distinguished choice of material adds a sense of resilience, strength, and exotic allure to the wearer's ensemble.

In lieu of a Belgard, the Alto features an impressive PVD black finished clasp, etched with the Cadence brand name. This striking clasp, contrasting the rich blue of the Python leather, secures the bracelet and makes a subtle yet bold statement that resonates with the music-inspired ethos of the Cadence Company.

Every element of the Alto bracelet has been meticulously considered, ensuring that each component within its composition meets or exceeds the Cadence Quality of Craftsmanship standard. Its unique charm lies in its remarkable ability to complement the 'ruggedly refined' look of the Cadence gentleman."

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