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Introducing the Andante, a novel expression of our ClefStar line. A symphony of exquisite craftsmanship, the Andante personifies the rhythmic pace of life, wrapped around your wrist in an embodiment of unique style and sophistication.

The Andante showcases an array of 12mm Red Lightening Jasper beads, their reddish-purple hue radiating an aura of mystery and depth. These beads have been carefully selected for their distinct color and texture, revealing the story of their geological origin with every glance. Their captivating color reflects the powerful energy and quiet strength of the wearer.

Lending an eastern touch to this composition is the Belgard, a ceramic bead adorned with Asian influence. Standing out against the darker Jasper beads with its cream color and striking red glyphs, the Belgard symbolizes the wearer's distinctive character, adding a unique layer of meaning and connection to the Andante.

An aged Sterling Silver Cadence bead, etched with the ClefStar insignia, crowns this exquisite assembly, infusing a sense of rhythm and harmony that resonates with the Cadence Company's musical inspiration.

Each element of the Andante bracelet is carefully considered, ensuring that every component meets or exceeds the Cadence Quality of Craftsmanship standard. Wear the Andante, and let the world admire your 'ruggedly refined' style.

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