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From our ClefStar line, we're proud to present the Apollo, a bracelet that takes its cues from celestial bodies and the wonders of our planet.

Named after the god of Sun and light, the Apollo features a series of bold, yellow Jade beads. The jade carries an intense energy that symbolizes the expansive size of our great Sun. These vibrant 12mm beads radiate warmth and optimism, casting a gentle, soothing energy believed to bring about joy, positivity, and a sense of fulfillment.

Contrasting the sunny Jade beads is the Belgard, a carefully selected Lapis Lazuli bead. This deep blue stone, reminiscent of the deepest waters of our Earth, complements the yellow Jade, symbolizing the intimate, elemental relationship between the celestial and the terrestrial. The Lapis Lazuli brings balance, wisdom, and truth, reminding us of our connection to and dependence on nature.

Topping off this harmonic assembly is the signature Cadence bead, crafted from aged Sterling Silver and inscribed with the ClefStar insignia, symbolizing the rhythm and harmony that exists in our universe.

Wear the Apollo and reflect on the vastness of the universe, the grandeur of the Sun, and the beauty of the Earth's waters. Each element of this bracelet is thoughtfully chosen, embodying Cadence's Quality of Craftsmanship standards. Showcase the Apollo, and let it inspire a deeper appreciation of the harmony and balance within and around us.

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