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Average bracelet size for men is 8 inches.

NOTE: Due to stone variation, wristwear may appear different than pictured.

Selecting "Loose" will add approximately 0.5 inches to the size selected.

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Introducing the Bach, a distinguished member of our ClefStar collection that celebrates the classic appeal of leather accessories.

The Bach bracelet is meticulously crafted from high-quality black Python leather. A nod to the sophisticated and unique pattern of Python leather, it stands as a symbol of strength, protection, and resilience. Its deep black color enhances an air of elegance and boldness, rendering it a versatile accessory that can blend with any outfit.

In contrast to our beaded bracelets, leather designs within the ClefStar collection do not feature a Belgard or a Cadence bead. The spotlight is solely on the rich texture and color of the Python leather, resulting in a minimalist yet striking design.

The Bach bracelet is a testament to understated luxury and durability. Adhering to The Cadence Company's Quality of Craftsmanship standards, each piece guarantees longevity and a personal style statement. Wearing the Bach bracelet is akin to donning a story - your story - around your wrist. It evolves and gains character with each wear, becoming a unique testament to your journey.