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Average bracelet size for men is 8 inches.

NOTE: Due to stone variation, wristwear may appear different than pictured.

Selecting "Loose" will add approximately 0.5 inches to the size selected.

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Presenting the Caesura, a distinguished original composition from the ClefStar product line. This unique bracelet is adorned with 12mm Russian Seraphinite beads, a majestic stone known for its stunning, feather-like patterns and vivid green hues. The Caesura has been a hallmark of our collection since its inception, embodying the spirit of timeless elegance and sophistication.

Drawing your attention to the center of the bracelet is the Belgard, a captivating Tiger Eye bead in a striking shade of red. This bead offers a bold contrast to the Seraphinite stones, adding depth and intrigue to this already stunning piece.

The Caesura bracelet, with its fine craftsmanship and exquisite detail, reflects Cadence's commitment to design and quality. This piece is an embodiment of our Quality of Craftsmanship philosophy, resulting in a timeless accessory that's as unique as its wearer.