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Average bracelet size for men is 8 inches.

NOTE: Due to stone variation, wristwear may appear different than pictured.

Selecting "Loose" will add approximately 0.5 inches to the size selected.

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ntroducing the Chief, a stunning piece from the ClefStar product line. As part of our Decorated series, it's designed to honor and commemorate the brave souls serving in law enforcement, emergency and medical services, and our armed forces. Specifically, the Chief pays tribute to the fearless leaders in firefighting and fire prevention. Each piece serves as a symbol of their courage and commitment to keeping their teams and communities safe.

This 12mm beaded bracelet is composed of Silver Leaf Jasper stones in a monochromatic palette of black, white, and gray, creating a look that's as powerful as it is versatile. The primary stones are punctuated by a striking Belgard, a stone bead made from red Carnelian symbolic of the profession. This remarkable combination evokes a sense of steadfast resolve and unwavering leadership.

Emphasizing the standard of Cadence Quality of Craftsmanship, each element of this ClefStar piece is meticulously handcrafted by our skilled artisans. The result is a piece that embodies the bravery and spirit of service that defines every fire chief and their crew.

The Chief bracelet isn't just a piece of jewelry; it's a testament to the heroes that don each day their uniforms and risk everything for the safety of others. It's an emblem of their valor, a token of gratitude for their service, and a symbol of the strength and courage they exhibit every day.