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Meet the Demisharp, a distinguished beaded bracelet composition from the ClefStar lineup. This creation features 12mm Green Jade primary beads that carry an earthy charm and tranquility. The green hue of the beads emanates a sense of harmony and balance, beautifully capturing the spirit of nature.

What makes the Demisharp truly stand out is its Belgard - a unique Tibetan Dzi bead that exudes an air of mystery and cultural richness with its green and brown hues. This piece encapsulates thousands of years of Tibetan tradition, lending an antique touch to a modern style.

As is standard with all our pieces, the Demisharp lives up to the Cadence Quality of Craftsmanship standard. Each element is masterfully crafted by experienced artisans, showcasing the dedication and precision that make up the Cadence name. The Demisharp is not just a style statement, but also a testament to the harmony of cultural tradition and modern design.

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