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Introducing the Duende, an intricately beaded bracelet composition from our ClubStar series that effortlessly merges the raw allure of nature with expert craftsmanship. This distinguished piece features a harmonious assemblage of 12mm silver leaf jasper beads, creating a sophisticated palette of black, grey, and white that mirrors the timeless beauty of man of the earth's natural landscapes.

A defining characteristic of the Duende is its unique Trine composition. Eschewing the traditional Belgard, this bracelet features three granulated beads, collectively known as the Trine, crafted from sterling silver and situated opposite the Cadence bead for perfect symmetry. The textured surface of these "Nova" style beads adds an extra layer of depth and luminosity, underlining the innovative design and high-quality craftsmanship that Cadence is known for.

This ClubStar bracelet further distinguishes itself with its sterling silver Cadence bead, etched with the company name on one side and the ClubStar product line insignia on the other. This distinct Cadence bead serves as a subtle yet powerful testament to the brand's dedication to quality and innovation.

Like all Cadence pieces, every component of the Duende bracelet meets the exceptional Quality of Craftsmanship standard. Each element is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring a final product that doesn't merely meet expectations—it transcends them. The Duende isn't just a bracelet—it's a tactile and visual experience of artisanal mastery.

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