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Discover the Epiphany, an exceptional beaded bracelet from the ClefStar line that exudes an air of quiet sophistication and Eastern charm. The Epiphany's composition revolves around captivating 12mm smoked quartz beads. These primary stones are translucent brown, with each bead featuring intricate gold Asian glyphs present throughout their surface, paying homage to Eastern influences.

Taking center stage is the bracelet's unique Belgard, which is crafted from vibrant red cinnabar. Like the primary stones, the Belgard also carries distinctive glyph etchings, further emphasizing the piece's Eastern aesthetic.

The Epiphany stands out from the rest of the collection by its exceptional Cadence bead. Unlike the typical Cadence beads, this one is a treasure in its own right. It is crafted from 925 sterling silver before being submersed in 24K gold, resulting in a thick 3-micron gold outer layer. This lavish detail signifies the bracelet's exclusivity and adds an extra touch of elegance to the piece.

As part of the exclusive “After 6” series, the Epiphany is designed with evening events in mind. It carries a rich elegance that pairs perfectly with formal attire, adding a touch of intrigue and sophistication to your ensemble.

The Epiphany isn’t just an accessory – it's an expression of a lifestyle, a love for quality, and an appreciation for detailed craftsmanship. Notably, this bracelet is exclusively available at Cadence, ensuring that you are wearing a unique piece, designed with a commitment to excellence, as reflected in Cadence's rigorous Quality of Craftsmanship, and a respect for tradition. Let the Epiphany be your statement piece, reflecting the elegant and the extraordinary in you.

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