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G Clef Black


Average bracelet size for men is 8 inches.

NOTE: Due to stone variation, wristwear may appear different than pictured.

Selecting "Loose" will add approximately 0.5 inches to the size selected.

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The G Clef Black bracelet, an intriguing addition to the ClefStar line and member of the G Clef Series, a contrasting "alter ego" to the original G Clef. This piece manages to maintain the same harmonious balance but introduces an extra element of mystery and depth.

The bracelet is composed primarily of 12mm yellow tiger eye beads, known for their captivating and lustrous appearance. Their radiant warmth creates a striking contrast against the rest of the bracelet, making this an attractive piece for any wrist.

The highlight of the composition is the Belgard which, like the primary beads, is a black tiger eye bead. The Belgard imparts a sense of depth and character to the bracelet, giving it its unique charm.

As with all pieces from Cadence, the G Clef Black represents the Quality of Craftsmanship that is inherent to the brand, promising superior quality and attention to detail in each piece.