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The Grandeur bracelet, from the ClefStar line, is a statement piece for your evening ensemble. Exclusively available at Cadence, this bracelet brings together craftsmanship and unique design elements to create a stunning accessory.

Each primary bead on the bracelet is made from 12mm onyx, a vibrant black stone that reflects elegance and boldness. Each stone features meticulously layered Asian gold glyphs as a tribute to Eastern influence.

Making this bracelet even more exceptional is the incorporation of the Belgard — a radiant red cinnabar bead. Adding another dimension of Eastern influence, this bead is etched with glyphs throughout its surface.

The Cadence bead, crafted from 925 sterling silver and dipped in 24K gold, stands out with a thick 3-micron gold outer layer, adding an extra dash of opulence to the Grandeur.

The ClefStar's Grandeur bracelet is part of the “After 6” series, making it an ideal choice for evening events and formal gatherings. Each bracelet in the Cadence collection is the embodiment of the Quality of Craftsmanship philosophy, making each piece a testament to superior design and exceptional artistry.

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