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The Hydra, part of the distinctive ClubStar line, is a beaded bracelet that serves as a striking counterpart to the ClefStar Draco assembly.

The primary stones in the composition of the Hydra are 12mm yellow Dragon Vein Agate beads, characterized by their black vein-like patterns. These stones, each unique in their design, lend an air of mystery and allure to the bracelet.

For the Hydra, the traditional Belgard bead is removed and replaced with three symmetrically placed Trine beads made from sterling silver, each meticulously molded with glyphs and finished with matte enamel for a lustrous appearance.

As a part of the ClubStar line, the Hydra also features the line's unique Cadence bead featuring aged sterling silver with the company name and product line insignia etched onto its surfaces.

Like the Draco, the Hydra bracelet mirrors an Eastern influence, but with its own distinct character, making it the perfect complementary piece. As with all Cadence products, the Hydra encapsulates the Quality of Craftmanship, offering a piece that's not just an accessory, but a testament to artistic expression and superior design.

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