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Introducing the Impression, an exquisite model in the esteemed ClefStar product line.

This enticing beaded bracelet features 12mm primary stones composed of redish-brown wood beads. This choice of material lends an earthy and organic allure to the piece, fusing nature's charm with the signature sophistication of Cadence designs.

The Impression truly sets itself apart with its unique Belgard bead. Carved from the rich cinnabar and showcasing intricately etched Asian glyphs, this bead pays tribute to the profound influence of Eastern culture. The striking black color of the Belgard stands out amidst the warm tones of the wooden beads, creating a captivating contrast that is both stylish and meaningful.

As with all Cadence products, the Impression speaks volumes of the brand's Quality of Craftsmanship. This bracelet, blending natural elements and cultural significance, is a testimony to Cadence's commitment to creating products that aren't just accessories, but art.

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