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Meet the Impulse, an innovative model hailing from the esteemed ClefStar product line.

This attractive beaded bracelet showcases a composition of vibrant 12mm Agate beads. The intriguing blend of purple, black, white, and translucent smoke colors on these primary stones creates an artful mix, capturing the essence of the Impulse's dynamic spirit.

The unique Belgard bead of the Impulse is a testament to Cadence's knack for incorporating natural and exotic materials. This 12mm bead is expertly crafted from Sibucao wood, embellished with an Abalone Shell, standing out in striking contrast against the colorful palette of the Agate stones.

As with every piece from Cadence, the Impulse is emblematic of the company's commitment to its Quality of Craftsmanship. This bracelet, with its distinctive bead composition and striking Belgard bead, underscores the brand's dedication to design that not only adorns but also expresses and inspires.

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