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Introducing the Motif from the ChordStar product line, a harmonious fusion of earthly charm and delicate mystique. This beaded bracelet features a delightful pairing of Bayong Wood primary beads with a Belgard made from the enchanting labradorite.

The 12mm Bayong Wood primary beads, exhibiting rich brown hues, impart a warm and rustic appeal to the bracelet. Each bead is masterfully crafted, showcasing the unique grain patterns of the Bayong Wood and celebrating the natural beauty of this material.

Contrasting the earthly tones of the wood, the gray labradorite Belgard adds an element of mystery and sophistication. Labradorite, known for its unique light play, creates a mesmerizing visual experience with its shimmering display of colors.

As a signature mark of ChordStar's design, the Motif also features a square Cadence bead crafted from steel that has been vacuum-treated to achieve a gunmetal finish. The resulting aesthetic gives the bracelet an added touch of bold, industrial confidence.

The Motif bracelet is a testament to ChordStar's commitment to superior Quality of Craftsmanship. It's a versatile accessory that effortlessly complements a range of styles, offering a statement piece that reflects your appreciation for exceptional craftsmanship and design.

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