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The Octave from the ClefStar product line is a symphony of design, crafted with the sublime harmony of lapis lazuli and tiger eye beads. This beaded bracelet offers an effortless blend of natural elements and meticulous craftsmanship, all in the perfect 12mm size.

The primary stones of the Octave are lapis lazuli, renowned for their deep and resonant blue hue. Each bead is uniquely crafted, revealing a miniature galaxy of gold flecks set against a vibrant blue background. The stark color evokes images of the night sky, offering a cosmic touch to your ensemble.

The Belgard, formed from matte yellow tiger eye, adds an earthy counterpoint to the celestial lapis. Tiger eye stones are prized for their chatoyant, or cat's eye, effect. The matte finish on these particular beads tempers their inherent luster, giving them a softer glow that complements the bold lapis lazuli beads.

To complete the Octave, a bold sterling silver Cadence bead is carefully aged for a vintage appearance, reinforcing the classic appeal of this design.

Each ClefStar bracelet represents our unwavering dedication to the Quality of Craftsmanship. The Octave, with its blend of cosmic and earthy elements, is a testament to this commitment. It's an ideal accessory for the discerning individual who values the blend of natural aesthetics and artisanal quality.

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Customer Reviews

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Exceptional Quality You Can Feel

I purchased an Octave bracelet as a gift and could not be more pleased with the quality along with the customer service I received from order through delivery. The picture does not do it justice!

The quality of the beads can be felt in the weight of it when you wear it. This bracelet is unlike any other I have purchased in the past.

Ladies - this is definitely a must-buy for your special someone and makes the perfect gift. I will definitely be purchasing from The Cadence Company in the future.

Not Photoshopped

I'm a lover of Lapis. And I can't stand the cheap, fake crap. When I saw the picture of this against the black backdrop, I was sure it was Photoshopped. So I passed. I came back some weeks later still on the fence and saw the pictures at the bottom in more natural environments. IT WAS THE SAME COLOR BLUE! So I said "WTH" and bought. It came very fast and was packaged amazingly. But to see it in person, the pics don't do it justice. Blue color is natural and brilliant! Truly premium grade. I even did acetone test to see if dyed. Not a drop of dye came off. It's the real deal. It's enhance by the tiger eye bead. This thing is fire!

The deep blue

I bought the Harmonic first and that experience encourage me to purchase two more. This was one of the two. I also bought the G Clef Black.

One again, very impressed. Can't say enough. I bought this based mostly on color. But had no idea how rich the blue was in Lapis. Very solid stones. Definitely ideal for men. Good weight to them. Amazing Quality for a great price. Very happy with all three I purchased!