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Embrace the serene beauty of winter with the Solstice, a captivating addition to our ClefStar collection. This beaded bracelet is designed for the modern man who finds harmony in nature's quiet moments, particularly the majestic calm of winter.

The Solstice bracelet features an array of Howlite beads, chosen for their distinctive white and gray hues. Each bead, meticulously shaped to 12mm, echoes the tranquil essence of snow-blanketed landscapes. The Howlite's natural marbling brings an added layer of sophistication, ensuring that each bracelet is as unique as its wearer.

At the heart of this piece is our exclusive Belgard bead, crafted from custom resin to depict a light brown and white palette, reminiscent of a snow-capped mountain peak. This Belgard bead is more than an adornment; it's a celebration of the winter solstice, symbolizing the exquisite beauty and quietude of the season.

Adding to its allure, the Solstice is adorned with a Cadence bead crafted from vintage-aged sterling silver, refined with a gunmetal finish. This bead, bearing the ClefStar insignia, represents our unwavering commitment to quality and our deep-rooted connection to music.

Every element of the Solstice bracelet is a testament to the Quality of Craftsmanship standard upheld by The Cadence Company, reflecting our dedication to creating not just jewelry, but pieces that embody elegance, individuality, and the soothing spirit of winter.

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