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Temporal, a key piece in our ClefStar collection, is a celebration of the everlasting beauty of nature encapsulated in a bracelet. Designed for the man who values the essence of time and the enduring elements of the earth, this beaded bracelet is a symbol of enduring elegance.

At the heart of the Temporal bracelet are the enchanting Phantom Quartz beads. These beads, each a 12mm marvel, display a captivating interplay of clear, green, and black hues, resembling miniature landscapes trapped within each sphere. The Phantom Quartz, known for its layered beauty, reflects the passage of time and the graceful evolution of nature, making every bead a unique piece of history.

Complementing the mystique of the Phantom Quartz is our distinctive Belgard bead, crafted from Golden Hematoid. The Belgard's yellow and gold tones bring a warmth and richness to the bracelet, symbolizing prosperity and well-being. This bead's radiant color and unique presence make the Temporal bracelet a standout accessory.

The Temporal is adorned with the sterling silver Cadence bead, aged for a vintage appearance, etched with the ClefStar insignia. This bead is more than an embellishment; it represents the harmony and rhythm that are at the core of our brand's philosophy.

Every aspect of the Temporal bracelet is a manifestation of the Quality of Craftsmanship that The Cadence Company prides itself on. It is not just an accessory; it's a piece that speaks to the soul, crafted for the man who appreciates the timeless beauty of the world.

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