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Introducing the Visceral, an inspiring piece of artistry from The Cadence Company's ClefStar collection. Designed for the daring and confident individual, this bracelet brings together a unique blend of colors and materials to create a compelling narrative of strength, passion, and tranquility.

The primary composition of the Visceral features an array of 12mm high-quality Agate beads, each showcasing distinct hues of marine blue, white, and translucent smoke. The vibrant blue of these beads is reminiscent of the deep ocean, while the lighter shades of white and smoke offer a hint of mystery and intrigue, just like the swirling mists of an early morning sea.

Adding a vivid contrast to the tranquil blues is the Cracked Carnelian Belgard, a striking stone revered for its bold red color and unique textured appearance. The fiery energy of the Belgard enhances the overall aesthetic of the bracelet, creating a dynamic interplay between calm and passion.

Accentuating the bracelet's overall design is the signature Sterling Silver Cadence bead from the ClefStar line. This bead is a tribute to the brand's commitment to rhythm, harmony, and superior craftsmanship, serving as a reminder of the shared love for music and style.

Embrace the dynamic energy of the Visceral bracelet and let its unique design tell your story. With this striking accessory, step into every room with confidence and charm, making an unforgettable impression.

As with all Cadence pieces, the Visceral is handcrafted by experienced artisans to meet or exceed the Cadence Quality of Craftsmanship standard. This commitment to quality guarantees an exceptional piece of jewelry that stands the test of time.

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